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Discover the cheat code that "Wall Street elites" don't want you to know.

We've been able to condense the time to start a fund/syndication down to 90-120 days, so that you can spend the next 8 months raising capital and underwriting deals.

This is not a course or template offer, and I am not a YouTube™ guru. I am a consultant that accelerates the process for you to start your fund/syndication to about 90 days.

....Wall Street makes you to believe that you need an Ivy League degree and decades on Wall Street to start your own real estate fund. In fact there is a really important reason they want you to think this...

.....The truth is that people in these industries are fighting over the same investor. If someone is investing with you, that money is being taken away from Wall Street.

...That is why the big wigs on Wall Street make things as confusing as they can. To FOOL you that only they are smart enough to operate funds.

...There are people running a real estate fund as a side business, so that they can replace their 9-5 jobs and be with family more.

...Rock star single moms are running real estate funds.

...There are attorneys and doctors using the fund model to step away from their practices.

... Here is the reason I love the fund model and why I help motivated people like you start funds: It is a proven model that you have seen work in the real estate investment space. You can probably list 5 fund/syndication mangers off the top of your head. The problem is it's confusing on where to start. I am here to help you plan out the framework...

The proper, Fund Framework™

You might be curious as to why I'm so confident you can launch your own real estate fund. As a commitment to my clients, I will work with you as long as it takes for you to secure your first investor and get a deal under contract. I will get my fund framework clients to $500M AUM. I am writing the book on fund creation and I want you to be one of the chapters.

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